Welcome to the 24th SOMP annual meeting

In recent years the Society of Mining Engineering has expanded and has now members from many countries and universities spanning all continents. Society members truly form a global network and pursue collaborations at all levels.


Drafting a Roadmap for the Society and holding strategic planning session(s) such as the one in Delft in April 2012, has certainly helped this effort and has set the framework for even more fruitful collaborations between members. It has become apparent during recent meetings that the membership is really looking forward to attending SOMP and to exchanging ideas and information. The challenges that lie ahead include global mining, sustainable development in mining, sustainable development in education, health and safety and others.


With these thoughts, I am pleased to organize the 24th Annual General Meeting of the Society on the Island of Milos Greece between June 26 and June 30th in 2013. Milos is one of the Aegean Islands with significant mining and touristic development as well. Everyone is cordially invited and I am sure you will all enjoy it.


The meeting will be coordinated with SDIMI 2013 which will take place immediately following the SOMP meeting. A boat trip around Milos Island is scheduled on Sunday June 30th which will be offered to both the SOMP 2013 and the SDIMI 2013 participants.


This is a geology / mining trip from the deck of a small boat that no one should miss.


Prof. Zach Agioutantis


The official language of the conference is English.



SOMP 2013

24th Annual General Meeting of Society of Mining Professors

26 -29 June 2013

The meeting is a Milos Conferences event.

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